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Protect your products with bubble mailers, the envelope lined with bubble wrap to keep your fragile and at-risk items in one piece. There are many reasons to ship with bubble mailers, as normal envelopes do not always have the ability to protect items when they are being transported in the mail. They’re often dropped, tossed and handled frequently in a one-way shipment. Padded envelopes are good for flat objects, but if you have to ship something a little more robust, you want the security of a lined bubble mailer to make sure every nook and cranny is perfectly protected.

Bubble sizes vary depending on what you are shipping, but the larger bubbles are guaranteed to keep your package safer than the smaller ones. Bubble mailers have two dimensions you have to consider, the interior size and the exterior size. The inside dimensions are what should be considered for the product you are mailing, and the outer dimensions can be taken into consideration for shipping costs. At Stephenson Group, LLC, we can provide you with custom printed bubble mailers for all your shipping needs. We are one of the bubble mailer supplier you can count on for your diverse needs. We can also offer services such as custom bubble mailers for small business shipping, and we are always happy to assist with customized bubble mailer ideas.

We make it our mission to provide for all your needs with customized bubble mailers. If you are looking to be more environmentally conscious, we provide sustainable and recycled custom-printed bubble mailers. We appreciate the planet and do our part to go green whenever we can. Other services include custom logo bubble mailers and custom bubble mailers with a logo. We also offer wholesale bubble mailers packaging and custom bubble mailers for bulk shipments. Need printed bubble mailers? That’s not an issue, either.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to mail a custom bubble mailer?
The cost to mail a custom bubble mailer depends on the size of the package.
How do you reuse bubble mailers?
You can reuse bubble mailers in a number of different ways, including to mail something else!
Are custom bubble mailers considered flats?
No, a custom bubble mailer is not considered a flat.
How big is a bubble mailer?
Bubble mailers are available in various sizes.
Where can I get a cheap custom bubble mailer?
Just contact our team. We can help!

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